Bank recognized for providing services that add value to Middle East’s shareholders and customers 
The Arab Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (Al Masraf) recently won the ‘2021 Best Customer Service in Investment Banking’ recognition at the Transformational Leadership Awards 2021. Al Masraf was honored for its digitization initiatives and business strategy that adds value to shareholders and customers. 

Organized by CPI MEDIA’s, this year’s Transformational Leadership Awards was held at Habtoor Grand Resort, Dubai to recognize technology leaders across the Middle East. More than 100 leaders in the field attended the awards ceremony.  

Charles Douglas, Acting CEO of Al Masraf, said: “Winning the 2021 Best Customer Service in Investment Banking’ award is a testament to Al Masraf’s continued success in providing world-class banking services and products. We offer solutions that meet and anticipate the region’s current and future banking needs. At Al Masraf, we share the same goals with the Awards in terms of fostering innovation, being adaptable to digital transformation challenges, and enhancing customer welfare and loyalty. With our mission to offer entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a wide range of consultancy, finance, and knowledge services, Al Masraf continues to be the leading finance and banking partner of entities in the region.”  

He added: “We are proud to receive this prestigious recognition that reflects our tireless efforts to enhance the quality, efficiency and excellence of banking services. These services are delivered by our highly qualified team of professionals that remains committed to developing and offering top-notch services, solutions and products. Our goal is to always meet our customers’ needs and contribute to the region’s economic development.”      

The Transformational Leadership Awards celebrates companies, decision-makers and other entities that are at the forefront of enhancing their information technology structure. It also highlights their efforts to empower and accelerate the digital transformation of businesses by offering them high-tech solutions and next-generation technologies.   


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