Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9 May 2022 - Al Masraf has announced the appointment of Mr. Graham FitzGerald as the bank’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Mr. Graham, who was President and CEO for HSBC Philippines, performed various leading roles in the HSBC Group. He held key positions in Global Relationship Management, Lending and Transaction Management, Regional Operations, and Corporate Banking. Mr. Graham also performed his duties in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the UAE where he worked as Regional Chief Operating Officer and then Regional Head of Corporate Banking for Commercial Banking business in the Middle East and North Africa region.
Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Farhat Omar Ben Gdara, Chairman of Al Masraf, welcomes Mr. Graham and said he will play a lead role in the bank's digital transformation strategy.
“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate Mr. Graham on his new position and wish him all the best in achieving the Bank’s objectives. We are confident in the ability of Mr. Graham to lead the executive management team of the bank and bring a new level of drive and energy to ensure we focus on growing and modernising the organisation. His excellent leadership skills and professionalism will play a vital role in driving Al Masraf’s growth.”
Mr. Graham, newly appointed CEO of Al Masraf, said: “It’s a great privilege for me to lead Al Masraf and I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their trust. I look forward to deploy the bank’s digital transformation strategy, explore new streams of business development opportunities, and ensure successful implementation of its strategic objectives."


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