A robot contributes at the opening of the latest branches of the Suez Canal Bank in Sheikh Zayed City

Two robots accompanied Mr. Hussein Rifai, Chairman and Managing Director, in the opening of the newest branch of Suez Canal Bank in Sheikh Zayed City in Arkan Mall. General / Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, and Mr. Hussein Al-Gritly, Board members of Suez Canal Bank, in addition to a group of bank leaders, attended the opening. The opening ceremony had honored in the presence of Eng. Amr Badr El-Din and Eng. Mamdouh Badr El-Din Representatives of Badr El-Din Group, which owns Arkan Mall.

The opening activities characterized by the element of surprise and fascination for all the invitees, as first robot began the activities by handing the Chairman and Managing Director of the Board with a bouquet of roses and opening scissors to mark the start of opening the branch. Then the second robot went to the attendees, introduced itself and welcomed them at the Branch No. (49) Suez Canal Bank’s chain of branches, and started the opening ceremony by introducing the banking products and services offered by the bank and how to obtain them. Noted that the robot allows customers to fill out forms for some products, such as account opening form, requesting a credit card and e-wallet as quickly as being the first bank to introduce and implement this idea in the Egyptian banking market. Bank's plan is to develop the digital services that the robot will provide to support and facilitate banking transactions for people of determination and the elderly.

At the end, the robots asked to take photos with the attendees, and the opening of the Arkan branch came within the plan set by the board of directors to spread bank’s smart branches, with the latest technologies. The bank is currently working on developing many existing branches in addition to opening three new branches during 2022, bringing the number of the bank's branches to 52.


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