Suez Canal Bank organizes an awareness sessions for zewail university students of science and technology.

Suez Canal Bank organized an awareness sessions for zewail university students of science and technology about entrepreneurship,Corporate social responsibility and financial inclusion as well as the importance of digital technology as part of the bank initiative to support youth and entrepreneurship . The bank adopted effective corporate social responsibility programs to serve the community in the area of youth financial education and inline of the bank continuous support for Zewail City of science and technology due to what the city is doing to create a new generation capable of innovation and to present everything new in scientific research and put Egypt's name on the world countries map in Scientific Research.

Nour ELzeny, Head of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility, gave a lecture to the students about the banks effort in supporting social responsibility and achieving sustainable development goals inorder to achieve egypt vision 2030 and highlighted the bank contribution to sponsor tuition fees for eligible students for the third year.

Mohamed Zidan, Deputy General Manager of the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, gave a lecture on entrepreneurship and how to become a successful entrepreneur and what are business incubators, business development services ( BDS hub ), and the NilePreneurs Initiative.

Haytham Fathi, Head of Digital Banking and Financial Inclusion at the Bank, gave lecture on the importance and objectives of financial inclusion and how to achieve financial inclusion.

The Bank also conducted a competition for students on entrepreneurship and how to make a plan for the project and select innovative ideas. Reham Abou El-Ainin, CEO of Business Builder, presented a visual presentation through the workshop to help entrepreneurs create an action plan for their project using a Lean planning method which is the best way to build a successful project.


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