A collaboration agreement was signed today in Rome between Banca UBAE, an institution active since 1972, specializing in the sector of Trade Finance, and SIMEST, a company that with SACE ensures financial support for the export and internationalization of Italian companies.

The partnership, signed by Mario Sabato, General Manager of Banca UBAE, and Mauro Alfonso, CEO of SIMEST, aims to develop and promote new initiatives in support of the internationalization of Italian companies in the foreign countries where both Institutes operate and, in particular, in those of Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.

Through this agreement, Banca UBAE and SIMEST will support national entrepreneurs by promoting their growth and international competitiveness through the competence, experience, and professionalism they make available to them.

The agreement aims to promote joint activities in promotional and commercial terms, evaluate and assist business projects of common interest, and facilitate access by Italian companies to national and supranational programs available in the "target" countries.

The two signatories commented on the agreement; "We wish to support Italian companies that intend to operate in the countries of Africa (Libya in particular), the Middle East, and India, all areas of growth and of great interest. In fact, due to the operations and experience of Banca UBAE and SIMEST in these territories, companies can count on a valid reference point where they can find assistance and advice and access our integrated tools and services."


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