SACE and Banca UBAE have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to support the growth of Italian companies in the emerging markets with highest potential through insurance-financial solutions to sustain exports and investments.

The agreement combines SACE’s expertise in assuming risks and its access to Italian exporters through a network of offices in Italy and abroad with the solid experience of Banca UBAE in the most promising emerging markets, primarily Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Eastern Europe. More specifically, companies will have access to financing earmarked for internationalization projects, bonds for international tenders and contracts, and letters of credit offered by Banca UBAE and guaranteed by SACE.

“Internationalization processes require adequate resources and investments, as well as an informed approach to understanding the target market – declared Alessandra Ricci, Manager of SACE's Business Area – . Agreements like this, which can maximize the synergies between the insurance and banking spheres, are tangible responses to the needs of all those companies looking afar for growth. In this initiative the expertise and network of Banca UBAE will certainly bring significant value added.”

“Our longstanding bilateral collaboration with SACE has been renewed and bolstered by the signing of a cooperation agreement that will support internationally-oriented companies in a more effective, synergistic and systematic manner , – stated Mario Sabato, General Manager of Banca UBAE –. Our bank, with HQ in Rome, branch in Milan and representation office in Tripoli (Libya), is a privileged intermediary with a strong international calling, ready to contribute actively to the creation of value for its customers, primarily in the prime markets for Italian exports.”


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