The participation of the LFB on “African Towards free & Digital Economy”

The Chairman of the Management Committee of the Libyan Foreign Bank participated in the following conference, accompanied by representatives from the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Ministry of Labor, the General Investment Authority, the National Planning Council, the Misurata Free Zone, the Export Development Center, and several other African institutions. Attendance at the conference included a collection of companies that participated in its organization.

Mr. A. Mohamed Ali Al-Addarrat, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Libyan Foreign Bank, gave a speech in which he emphasized the importance of digital transformation for African countries, the requirements of digital transformation, and the legislative and regulatory frameworks for digital transformation. In addition, he gave an overview of Libya's experience in the field of digital transformation and suggested additional initiatives that should be launched in Libya. He ended the speech by providing recommendations to open the prospects of digital transformation for African countries in the future.

Many experts and professors interested in the digital economy from African, Arab, and foreign countries were guests at the conference. This included investors who were assessing future investment prospects in Africa