The Libyan Foreign Bank wins a permanently judicial judgment of $ 200 million

The courts in the Republic of Tunisia in different levels have dealt with a case filed by a company called LMS against the Libyan Foreign Bank since 2013.

The discussion of the case continued in the courts, and the management of the bank assigned qualified lawyers to represent it in the Republic of Tunisia and submitted a report to the Attorney General. Additionally, The Attorney General was provided with an evidence showing that the documents used by the plaintiff company are not true and that their claim is based on fraud and deception.

The Attorney General's investigations in parallel continued with the drafts of the case in Tunisian courts until investigations ended with legal action against the company's representative at the Libyan state and forgery of official documents, as well as by virtue of the Court of Appeal in Tunis in this case.

Thus, the bank has won the case with a final judgment and avoided the Libyan state from losing significant money. The Libyan foreign Bank confirms that despite the end of the civil case and earns us a final judicial judgment. The bank will continue to follow the criminal case, and investigate with the Office of the Attorney General Libya to evacuate the whole truth to who participated and contributed in all ways attempting to defraud the state and falsify official documents in favor of the claiming company to achieve personal interests at the expense of the Libyan people's money.

On this occasion, we extend our thankful and grateful to the Attorney General and his deputies whom responded seriously with the bank in this regard, and also for the Central Bank of Libya and its legal committee assigned for this case as well as the Libyan's legal team and all of the Libyans who have provided support to protect the assets of the Libyan state from looting and theft

Libyan Foreign Bank Management