Banque Tuniso-Lybienne

The Tunisian-Libyan Bank was established as the Libyan Arab Tunisian Bank for Development, and Foreign Trade under an agreement concluded between Tunisia and Libya on 1 December 1983 and ratified by Law No. 54 of 1984

During 2004, the Tunisian-Libyan Bank embarked on a process of transformation into a comprehensive bank. This journey commenced through initiating a program for financial restructuring, management, professional rules and ethics, regulation, risk management, information system, competency management, and business dynamism. In 2005, The Tunisian-Libyan Bank obtained a license to perform holistic bank activities. In addition, the agreement concluded in 1983 regarding the establishment of the Arab Tunisian-Libyan Bank for Development and Foreign Trade was amended. The Bank started its activities as a holistic bank; therefore, it has dealt with different segments. The large corporate segment is the most important in terms of significance in dealings.

LFB Participations Banque Tuniso-Lybienne

Established year Established year
Participation LFB P a r ticipation
Paid up Capital The P aid-Up Capital


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The Libyan Foreign Bank is present in more than 28 countries,
especially in the African arena. This presence enables the bank to provide sustainable banking solutions in places where local expertise and market information are required

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