The Arab Leasing Company

The Arab leasing company Ltd. (is a private company and has limited responsibilities) it’s a non-banking establishment that works in financing by leasing, which ends by ownership for fixed and redeployed assets, and it’s protected by the low of the central bank of Sudan.

TALC is private, contributed, limited and dragooned to provisions of the Sudanese corporations low of 1925 and registered at the merchantable registry office No(sh:34880) and located in Khartoum Trading center-60St.- Khartoum-Sudan. TALC is a non-banking financial establishment specialized in finance by leasing. Founded at the 25th of May 2009 licensed by the central bank of Sudan as one of the leasing companies. And started its true financial activities at the end of 2010. It’s share capital is 30 million US dollars. Although the leasing sector is relatively new in Sudan, but the competition in this sector became vicious because the local banks became an effective competitor in this activity, however, and from the unfavorable effects on the Sudanese economic yet the company managed to face the economic events throughout the six years since it was founded, it’s doing well in growing its performance and its concrete contribution in supporting the economic sectors.

LFB Participations The Arab Leasing Company

Established year Established year
Participation LFB P a r ticipation
Paid up Capital The P aid-Up Capital


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